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Mediocrity and Excellence Dont’ Mix

My father was a plumber and he worked on open construction – big buildings, stuff like that. Even when I was in grade school, he’d often take me on the job site to work with him and his crew.

Whenever he had a new job for me to do, Dad used to tell me, “Steve, there are two types of people in the world – those who just want to get by and those who have to do the very best in everything they do, no matter what. I hire people who want to do their best.”

Most everyone can relate to a work situation where a certain team member just didn’t care. That person affected every other person in the shop. Unchecked, this will produce a toxic environment where productivity drops, revenues suffer and costs spiral out of control.

That’s because attitude is contagious. One person who wants to do just enough to put in their time and collect a paycheck pulls down like-minded people right along with them. Others who don’t know better pick up on that attitude, and in the process, the quality of their effort begins to erode, as well. It’s like a cancer.

The Best Defense

It has often been said, “The best defense is a good offense.” In the case of B2B marketing and promotion activities, a company’s “good offense” comes from upper management and trickles down to the rank and file.

That’s because a good attitude is even more contagious than a bad one! The best defense against a toxic workplace environment is a strong, positive attitude shaping the management style and overall objectives of the company.

To accomplish this, a management team fully committed to excellence is essential in combating mediocre performance by employees and executives alike. How that excellence is defined is a practical tool in fulfilling its promise.

Excellence Defined

Management can set the tone for a pursuit of excellence for their company, but they can’t do everything. It is essential to involve company personnel in formulating the plan for achieving excellence.

This is nothing new. Team building is ubiquitous in business today. Teams tackle all manner of challenges, and continue to do so because they work.

Teams work because team members buy into the improvement processes. Those people who do not buy into the process are quickly revealed, and just as quickly, leave the team. It’s a weeding out of the bad apples to produce the strongest team possible to deal with the specific challenge at hand.

One Person’s Excellence

What is “excellent” for one person may be mediocre for another. That’s okay. Different people bring different perspectives, knowledge and capabilities to the team. Acceptable levels of excellence may be exceptional at the start, but after achieving initial goals and objectives, the processes and procedures may prove to be inadequate, need revamping, or perhaps complete replacement.

That’s okay, too.

As a goal achievement process, excellence best serves when it is elusive, in need of redefinition from time to time. Each time around the barn is another opportunity to enlist the input of others, increase commitment to the “excellence” buy-in and thus improve the overall focus of the company.

Commitment to Excellence in B2B Marketing Communications

When it is time for your company to improve the quality of the information you need to communicate to your target markets, you’ll have three alternatives from which to choose:

  1. Assign an in-house staff person(s) to fulfill all the tasks necessary and hope they know what they are doing.
  2. Hire a marketing firm or advertising agency that can marshal the components necessary to plan, design and execute a promotion program that meets your expectations, and then, hope you can afford it.
  3. Enlist the marketing communication services of Write Right Ink to design a customized approach to satisfy your definition of excellence in promoting your capabilities to your chosen market targets.

If you agree option #3 is worth looking into, contact me directly at your earliest convenience.

Thanks for visiting my blog!

Steve Culpepper

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