Your Content Quality can Kill Your B2B Authenticity

You may be able to ‘Cut & Paste’ your way to generating more written content, but not without risking authenticity and getting burned big time.

The Kiss of Death

Continuing with this week’s “Honesty” theme for digital marketing content (review the previous message here), today we start with a very important warning:

Google search algorithms scan and rank your content quality comparing it against similar content at other sites. If your content ranks low, or is counterfeit versions of other content on other sites, your site SEO ranking will be lower. It doesn’t stop there. If your content is determined to be abusive, Google may punish you for it.

Being punished by Google is a whole new topic for later.

For now, let’s consider what’s essential to assure your content is the highest possible quality.

Above all, Write Lots of Original Content

Even the digital marketing novice knows they need a lot of content. For these folks, pulling content together may appear at first to be easy. The Internet is loaded with all kinds of content. It’s all accessed in a blink with a simple Google search.

Websites that are cut & paste hyperlink warehouses with little more than linked descriptions to other sites offer a type of content that does little to build direct relationships in B2B applications.

For the B2B marketer, it is a mistake to believe you can cut-&-paste snippets from a few Google search results into your digital media platform and generate the quality authenticity you need to succeed.

Producing original content is the key to assuring quality content.

“Those Who Can, Do…”

If you can’t write original content, don’t write anything.

Writing “nothing” may not be an option for you. If so, revisit the list of content sources I gave you in yesterday’s report.

That list has tons of potential for you. Dig in and start writing!

“Those Who Can’t…”

You may be wearing too many hats. Or, your support staff is stretched too thin. Or, your new Marketing Manager has more important things to tend to. I understand.

If so, consider using my services by scheduling a preliminary consult. Specify your contact info with preferred “Where, When & How” details.

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