Gain B2B Strength Writing and Sharing the Good News

Writing good copy is one thing, giving your reader the power to truly get things done is something else entirely.

Build B2B Relationships With Readership Empowerment

Okay, sticking with our “Honest, Authentic, Trust” theme for writing copy that builds strong B2B relationships, we come to Item #3 – “Empowering Your Reader with Actionable Content.”

Content that is “Actionable” is content that uses specific information to direct the reader to a desirable destination.

For example, your reader may have an objective to develop an effective online marketing strategy for their company. One thing that could help them achieve that objective might be a comprehensive list of actionable steps necessary for their strategy to succeed.

Our friends at have called Unbounce’s Noob Guide To Online Marketing one of the “greatest examples of actionable content ever.”

This is probably true. Then again, look closely at the Noob Guide To Online Marketing (click on that link, please) and you’ll notice something. The guide is great at listing the “WHAT-TO-DOs” but not all that specific on the “HOW-TO-DO-ITs.”

Why is that?

Well, one reason could be, it’s the “HOW-TO-DO-ITs” where you really shine. You’re the expert. You know how to get things done.

When you empower your reader with the road map to achieve their objective, you also provide them the safety net they can trust when they need help.

When help is needed, you’ll be there. They’ll turn to you if only because they’d be absolutely insane not to use services from someone as honest, authentic and trusted as you are.

So, in the spirit of the trust I have in you, allow me to repeat my “Freebie” offer:

A “Freebie” that Could Make You Millions of $$$s

Evaluate the effectiveness of your marketing piece for FREE.

Improve your marketing project’s written copy and get a list of suggested areas of improvement at no cost.

It’s easy peasy. Just use this link to email me a PDF version of the promotion as you have it along with your request for a free copy evaluation.

I’ll take it from there.

Looking forward to being of service.

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