Being Authentic Means Business – and Here is the Proof

For digital marketing purposes, good copy writing and honest, authentic and forthright interaction with your market targets go hand-in-hand.

To recap:

Yesterday’s mini-report pointed out the digital marketing benefits in generating lots of original content. The report also cautioned against some of the risks involved using materials other than our own when writing content.

Positive, responsive and authentic business-to-business relationships grow from the rich soil of trust. Original content that compels honest and forthright interaction with the market is a powerful catalyst in strengthening this trust relationship.

Today’s lesson:

Use Headlines and Look Brilliant

Here’s how to strengthen the most read part of your written content.

Good headlines and sub headlines grab the reader, usher the reader into your article/post/story and compel the reader toward whatever you want the reader to do (a.k.a., “Call to Action”).

Don’t agree? Well, take a look at two interesting stats from Copyblogger:

  • 80% of people will read your headlines
  • Only 20% of those people will read the rest of your content

That puts a lot of importance on writing good headlines, right? You need good, strong, effective headlines to accomplish your trust-building objectives for digital marketing.

This headline stuff has value. The proof is in the fact that you have read this section from start to finish. So, you see, it works!

A “Freebie” that Could Make You Millions of $$$s

Evaluate the effectiveness of your marketing piece for FREE.

If you have, or are developing, a new marketing promotion, evaluate your written copy for that piece and get a list of suggested areas of improvement at no cost.

It’s easy peasy. Just use this link to email me a PDF version of the promotion as you have it along with your request for a free copy evaluation.

I’ll take it from there.

(BTW, you read this last section all the way through, too. More proof of the power of headlines and sub headlines)

Looking forward to reviewing your stuff!

Steve Culpepper


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