What It’s All About

Every business has a story. Without exception, the best of these stories are always honest and true ones. Too many business stories are something less and that’s unfortunate. Without honesty and truth, there’s no authenticity and trust.

A True Story

Once upon a time, I was a sales engineer for a local business telecommunication company. I supported company sales reps with system and network designs, written proposals, sales presentations, and system implementation strategies, among other things.

There was this one sales rep, for privacy purposes I’ll call this person “Maple Syrup,” or MS for sort.

MS was a heck of a nice person. Everybody liked MS, even me, and because I’m basically a grump anyway, that’s saying something.

The thing is, no matter how hard MS wanted to, MS couldn’t write a cohesive sentence. Constantly, MS would bring me drafts of sales letters, proposals and direct mail promotions (DM:DR was big back then) that were the most gawd-awful things you’ve ever read.

This went on for months. One day, MS gave me a draft of a query letter to edit. I didn’t make it through the first sentence before I blew up.

“MS!” I growled, “When are you going to learn to WRITE RIGHT?!!”

And Write Right, Ink was born.

True Story #2

In 1993, I started Write Right Ink out of pure selfishness. Not that I didn’t like engineering sales for that telecommunications company, but I wanted to do something I enjoyed much more: Project planning of Business-to-Business (B2B) communication strategies.

How’d I come up with that one?

Well, in addition to engineering telecommunication sales, I also had extensive experience in writing and producing various promotional collateral for businesses.

Markets included industrial publishing, commercial audio-visual production, as well as the occasional straight contract job in the then burgeoning medical specialty field of Stress Management consultation and services.

Just about anything along the lines of display advertising, radio/television commercials, direct mail, e-blast campaigns, public relations work, trade publication articles, press releases, websites and more, are all things within my particular bailiwick.

Long Story, Short

I’m a freelance business writer and producer. My mission is to write, design and fulfill B2B communication projects to improve your revenue streams.

If that sounds like something you could profit from (and it is) – click here, or email me directly at steveculpepper@writerightink.com and let me know what you need to accomplish today.

Thank you. I hope to be of service soon.


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